Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thankful Day #11

Thankful Day #11: I am thankful for music. Human beings are a musical species - more areas of our brain are dedicated to music than are dedicated to language processing! And although I think that scientific knowledge makes everything more beautiful, sometimes you just have to enjoy the music, as neurologist Oliver Sacks explains below:

"As one's mind becomes preoccupied with theoretical or scientific issues, one may have less attention, time or emotion available for other things. But there are lots of highest-power intellectuals who stay interested in music, like Einstein. Darwin may have been as absorbed in thinking about evolution as Freud was absorbed in thinking about psychoanalysis when he went to operas. All of us are apt to get a little desiccated if we don't make a point of holding on to the delights of art and music and landscape. It's very easy to become preoccupied with theorizing and the activities of daily living and stop noticing the beauties of the world."

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